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The Little Mountain Premium Coffee is ideal for consumption as a drip or filtered coffee, perhaps using a French press. Another good option is as an Americano coffee. With notes of maple, plums, red apples, and limes, our Premium Coffee produces a superb brew with a thin body that is light on the tongue. As the name suggests, this is our best coffee.

  • Notes of maple syrup, plums, red apples, and limes
  • Thin body, light on the tongue
  • Medium roast
  • Origin: Palencia, Guatemala
  • Grown at an elevation of approximately 1,860 meters (6,102 feet)
  • 100% arabica coffee
  • Natural, artisanal processing
  • Net weight: 14 ounces

This coffee comes from a carefully cultivated, organically fertilized crop, with the aim of helping the environment. It is from the best location in Palencia for coffee cultivation, both for the climate and the elevation. Unlike large-scale coffee suppliers, we use only traditional artisanal methods to process our Premium Coffee.

Available in whole bean or ground.

Characteristics of the Premium Coffee Farm

The cultivation of coffee in Lo de Silva, Palencia, Guatemala, at an elevation of approximately 1,860 meters (6,102 feet) above sea level, offers a series of benefits that favor the production of high-quality coffee. The climatic conditions, elevation, and natural shade provide a conducive environment for the development of crops, resulting in coffee beans with rich and complex flavors that are highly appreciated in the specialty coffee world.

Processing for our Premium Coffee

The natural drying process of coffee begins after the harvest, when ripe coffee cherries are carefully handpicked. These cherries are placed on drying beds in thin layers to allow for even sun exposure. During this process, the cherries are regularly turned to prevent fermentation and the development of mold.

In addition, the coffee is fertilized with organic fertilizers to maintain soil quality and promote healthy plant growth. These organic fertilizers come from natural materials such as compost, manure, and crop residues, which help maintain soil balance and provide nutrients sustainably.

This process takes place in a location with one of the best climates for arabica coffee, characterized by moderate temperatures, regular rainfall, and suitable elevations. These optimal climatic conditions contribute to the slow development of arabica coffee beans, resulting in a higher concentration of flavors and aromas in the final coffee cups.

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Ground, Whole Bean