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Little Mountain Coffee and Tours

Take a seven-day adventure to Guatemala.

Fly into Guatemala City on a Saturday and check in at the Biltmore Hotel, taking a brief tour of Guatemala City. Leave the next day by bus to the community of Joya Honda for an opportunity for a Church service in Palencia. Afterwards have a community lunch visit with teachers, school, community, and other activities. While there you will be staying at Hotel Vista Ensenada. Monday is a tour of the school and The Natural Farm coffee farm, where you will see the learning environment of the Little Mountain School as well as farming and production details of what goes in each cup of your coffee.

Tuesday, it’s off to the magical city of Antiqua where you will stay at Hotel Real Antiqua. Do not unpack your bags too soon. You will go on a trip to the active volcano, Pacaya, where you can ride a horse or four-wheel drive vehicle or chose to walk to the top. Stop by one of the tourist stands and grab a bag of marshmallows to roast over cooling lava. On Wednesday shop and tour the city of Antiqua.

The next day you return to Guatemala City to board a plane to fly to the Mayan ruins of Tikal, also known as Yax Mutal. Tikal is in the rainforest and is one of the largest archeological sites and an urban center of pre-Columbian Mayan Civilization. Stroll back in time and be in awe at the culture that at one time dominated the region. Tikal is a top tourist spot of Guatemala. You will be staying overnight at Camino Real Tikal Hotel. After a well-deserved rest, enjoy dawn over the jungle and later in the day a visit to Lake Flores and Flores Island. Best known for its sunsets, the best activity is just a relaxing stroll around the colorful streets and along the water. Hint: search out ‘malecon’. It runs along the water and offers the best stroll. Of course, there are lots of places to shop and a wide variety of restaurants.

In the late afternoon or early Saturday evening you will be saying “Adios” to this enchanting land and returning back to Guatemala City to the Biltmore, then leaving early Sunday morning.

The cost of the trip includes plane tickets from one location where the group will depart, travel arrangements to the various locations, and lodging, but does not cover drinks or dinners. Don’t fret though as the exchange rate is usually better for the US dollar, which means your money will go further in Guatemala. Also, another note is that tourism in Guatemala is a 1.8-billion-dollar industry, so rest assured that the main tourist areas are well secure. It is best to schedule a trip during the dry season, which is November through May. A minimum of ten and a maximum of fifteen is the usual number on each tour.

[This is a sample itinerary. Details of your specific tour may vary.]

Typical Accommodations

Hotel Biltmore in Guatemala City

Hotel Biltmore Guatemala City

hotelview e1671805879152

Hotel Vista Ensenada

hotelcamino e1671805899770

Hotel Camino Real Antiqua

hotelcamino2 e1671805914383 jpg

Hotel Tikal

Sample Destinations

guatemala e1671806009204 jpg

Guatemala City

school 1 e1671806031500

The Little Mountain School and
The Natural Coffee Farm

antigua e1671806052287


dreamstime s 163223938

Volcano Pacaya 

tikal e1671806078319


Isla de Flores

Isla Las Flores

Lake Atitlán and volcanoes, Panajachel, Guatemala

Lake Atitlán


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